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Dadbloggit, Another Birthday Already?!

The evolution over time of one’s attitude toward one’s own birthday is an interesting thing to look at. As a young child, you absolutely cannot wait for this day to come. You count down the months, weeks, days. A week away … Continue reading

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Obituary: The Death of Naptime

Running this right now might be a bit premature, but all signs are pointing this direction. Two or three days without naps last week. No nap again today. We’re losing it. We’re losing naptime. Look at that – I’ve just moved beyond … Continue reading

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Dadblockit Blockbuster: Hollywood Squares

I love playing with my kids’ set of wooden blocks. There I said it. Perhaps you’ve already concluded as much from reading previous posts, like this one. Is it a crime for an adult to enjoy playing with kids’ toys? No, it is not. … Continue reading

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Bear, Version 3.0

Google is reminding me that it is Thomas Edison’s 164th birthday today. However, I am choosing to observe the birthday of someone else today, someone a bit younger and better-looking. That’s right, my little Bear turns three today! Why focus … Continue reading

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Worst… Kids’ Book… Ever

I hate The Easter Egg Express. It is a really, really terrible children’s book for so many reasons. First off, it is a holiday book. This means that, as adults, we only really feel like reading the book to our … Continue reading

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The Odd Trio

 The Odd Couple ain’t got nothin’ on us. I mean seriously, they’re considered odd just because one roommate is messy and the other one is a neat freak? Welcome to 90% of all roommate situations, including marriages, across the world (sorry Oscar, I … Continue reading

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The Great Laziness

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon. I mean truly lazy. With little kids around, true laziness is a difficult thing to come by. But it found us, and what a magnificent thing it was. Or seemed to be. As we … Continue reading

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