The Odd Trio

source: Wikipedia

 The Odd Couple ain’t got nothin’ on us. I mean seriously, they’re considered odd just because one roommate is messy and the other one is a neat freak? Welcome to 90% of all roommate situations, including marriages, across the world (sorry Oscar, I mean lovely wife, but you know it’s true). You want to see odd? Take a gander at my girls and me when we’re out on the streets. We’re a truly odd trio.

I suppose it’s a mistake to base this post on a not-so-well-known sitcom from the early 70s, since many of you Gen Y’ers are probably wondering what in the world I’m talking about right now. It was actually a pretty funny show – I caught a few episodes back in the day (re-runs, people – I’m not that old). Any other fans out there? For the rest of you, just follow the link above, do a quick skim, and try to get up to speed, OK?

So yeah, we’re a pretty odd sight to see. For starters, there’s me. I’m kind of a stange-looking fellow. I’m this big, tall, skinny guy with glasses. I wear comfortable old clothes with lots of pockets. Pockets are key. It seems the man bag never really caught on in America, so without pockets I am lost. You tell me where I’m supposed to store my wallet, phone, keys, pacifiers, coupons, etc. in a pair of tight-fitting jeans. Not going to happen. Hence my well-pocketed pants. Oh yeah, and I really, really need a haircut right now. I’m an all-around odd-looking dude.

My oddness in appearance is compounded when I am seen mid-day on a weekday toting around two young girls. The stay-at-home dad is becoming more common, you say? Yes, very true. We’re still not yet at the point where I don’t feel at all self-conscious about my role, though. When I’m out with the kids at classes or storytimes or playgrounds, I’m still almost always the only dad among crowds of moms. The stay-at-home-dad is thankfully widely accepted these days, but he’s still the oddball in terms of overall numbers.

Then we have the girls. Bear is totally cute and a totally normal-looking little girl. The oddness comes when the two of us are seen together. She is African-American and I am white. It is quite apparent that she is not my biological child. Obviously it is beyond awesome that she is my daughter, but we definitely turn some heads. As with stay-at-home dads, mixed-race families are becoming more common, but we still stand out. And then there’s Bean who is also a big ol’ bucket of cuteness. It does appear, though, that she’s inherited my freakish height. And some of the faces that child makes…

So that’s us: the big, tall, skinny, bespectacled, highly pocketed, slightly unkempt stay-at-home dad with his mixed-race family of adorable goofballs. Every time you see us out and about, go ahead and cue up the Odd Couple theme song, which is now officially stuck in my head for at least the rest of the week. Yes, we may look odd to the normal ones out there, but in my book we are totally odd-some. Oh yes I did.

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I'm an architect-turned-stay-at-home-dad to three little daughters. Being an architect was hard. Being a full-time parent is RIDICULOUSLY hard. And equally as rewarding. Dadbloggit is a record of this journey.
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8 Responses to The Odd Trio

  1. Judi Burt says:

    I think you are all beautiful!

  2. Ashley Burt says:

    Oh yes you are odd-some! Be proud of your oddness!

  3. Lisa says:

    “So that’s us: the big, tall, skinny, bespectacled, highly pocketed, slightly unkempt stay-at-home dad with his mixed-race family of adorable goofballs.”

    This sounds like a pitch for a new sit-com. They could slot it to follow Modern Family on ABC.

    Odd-some is the best way to be!

  4. Doodlemum says:

    Your family isn’t odd, they’re interesting and the rest of the so called normal world could probably learn a lesson or two in being more interesting. I love your descriptions, you should have a bash at drawing your lot or get your little ones to do it!

    • dadbloggit says:

      Thank you! I’ll have to study your expert drawing techniques before I attempt to illustrate my family. Buildings I can handle, but drawing people has always been quite a bit more difficult for me.

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