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Bedroom or Padded Cell?

It occurred to me recently that we’re treating our children like self-injurious mental patients. Now now, hear me out on this one. The girls sleep in the same upstairs bedroom. Let me describe to you the physical characteristics of this room: … Continue reading

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Public Potty Problems

Warning: if you are not at all interested in potty talk, click somewhere else right now. Hah, I knew you’d stay. Potty talk is undeniably fascinating. So the girls and I have been venturing out into the public realm, just … Continue reading

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Toddler Vigilante Justice

We’ve just become members of the local YMCA. Again. I think this is the third time in a year and a half’s time. Once again smitten by the siren song of the beautifully remodelled Blaisdell facility (if I, one of its designers, may … Continue reading

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