I’m back?

So I’m finding that once you’ve blogged for a while, and then you suddenly stop for a while, it is really hard to get back into it. There were definitely some time-sucking activities that prompted the halting in the first place, but even after the time-sucks stopped sucking so much time, logging back into WordPress has proven difficult. I feel pressure to explain myself. Where have I been, exactly? I feel pressure to return with a great comeback post that will blow both of my readers completely out of the water. I actually have a pretty long string of draft posts that I periodically started and then never quite finished, perhaps deeming them not quite comeback worthy.

At any rate, here I am, back at the keyboard. It’s the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. If I can’t find time to blog today, it ain’t never gonna happen.

Bear and Bean won’t sleep. Blah, blah, blah, same old story from parents with young children, right? It really breaks my heart though, because they have a long, solid recent history of sleeping just fine. All of a sudden though, bedtime is taking two hours, wake-up time is synching with the insanely early summer sunrises, and naps have been crap. And the question that persists, the question that torments me every shortened night and every groggy day is this: Why?

Theory #1: Extended daylight makes it hard to sleep. Theory #1, I reject you wholeheartedly. There is one window in my girls’ room. Over the window is a mini-blind. Over the mini-blind is a pretty dark curtain. Over the pretty dark curtain is a pretty dark blanket. Over the pretty dark blanket is a super heavy, super dark blanket. Seriously, it is perpetual midnight in there. I’ll walk in there during the middle of a bright sunny day, and it is utter and complete darkness. Once again, Theory #1, I reject you.

Theory #2: Summer heat makes it hard to sleep. I really don’t think that’s it. Consider the evidence to the contrary:

  1. Their room is newly insulated (accomplishing this was time-suck #1).
  2. They have an AC unit powerful enough to cool a room twice the size of theirs(installing this was time-suck #2).
  3. It has not really been very hot this summer.

Theory #3: They are secretly plotting together to drive me crazy. Yes, now we’re getting somewhere!

It really is the kind of situation that drives a person crazy. Waking shortly after 5:00 am to a cranky little Bean. Spending all day with two toddlers who fight incessantly. And then finally putting them to bed at night only to listen helplessly as the baby monitor broadcasts sounds of unspeakable sleepless horrors right up until the moment I fall asleep. I’m at my wit’s end with the whole thing.

I am, however, quite pleased to report that as I sit here typing now, all is quiet, all is still. The stubborn summer solstice sun refuses to dip below the horizon, and yet the children have apparently taken the plunge into slumber. Only the steady drone of an over-sized AC unit filters through the baby monitor and into my tired ears. A low rumble of thunder is heard off in the distance, possibly foreshadowing a stormy and tumultuous night outdoors. But inside, the forecast apparently calls for sweet serenity. And yes, I am absolutely knocking on wood as I type that!

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I'm an architect-turned-stay-at-home-dad to three little daughters. Being an architect was hard. Being a full-time parent is RIDICULOUSLY hard. And equally as rewarding. Dadbloggit is a record of this journey.
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1 Response to I’m back?

  1. Judi Burt says:

    Oh. . . . . . my sweet little girls “plotting to drive you crazy?” NEVER.

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