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Sing a Song of Six Pants

Here’s a recent conversation in our house in reference to a popular nursery rhyme: Bear: Dad, why do they sing a song about six pants? Dad: Well, actually sweetie, they’re saying sixpence. Pence is a name for money that was … Continue reading

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Nocturnal Street Sledding

Fluffy, new-fallen snow. The sounds of neighborhood children laughing and sledding. My wife and I gazing out the window at it all… and calling 911. That’s right, we called the cops on kids sledding. Yeah, we’re hard core. OK, fine, … Continue reading

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Kids, Llamas and the Holidays

I’m going to review a children’s holiday book now. Even without saying another word about this book, it’s got a couple of potential strikes against it. First off, it’s a kids’ book of which a large percentage are just bad. … Continue reading

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Tell Me a Story, Little Bean

Bean (age 2.5 years) is a big fan of telling stories these days. Certain events seem to leave lasting impressions on her, and she tells the same stories over and over and over. Recently, we all went to see “Winnie … Continue reading

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Seasonal Blogging

It’s quite obvious that my last post back in June, which indicated that Dadbloggit might be making some kind of legendary comeback after a considerable dry spell, was off the mark. Here we are many months later, and the blog … Continue reading

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