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SAHD 3.0: The Pregnancy Post

As one year draws to a close and another waits to take its place, the impulse is always to reflect and resolve. Was 2011 OK? Was it all I hoped it would be? What will be different in 2012? One … Continue reading

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Mac ‘n’ Cheese Graphic

Being a lover of photography and the great outdoors, I very much look forward to finding the latest issue of National Geographic magazine in my mailbox every month. Perusing the contents of this well-known yellow-bordered publication inspires me and helps … Continue reading

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Taking the Kids to the Bar

As a one-car family we make certain sacrifices. Now, wait. I take that back. That’s the ‘glass half-empty’ way of putting it. Let’s try this one on: As a one-car family we get to have some totally off-the-hook public transportation … Continue reading

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