Dad what?

dadbloggit (dad’ blahg’ it) –interj.  an exclamation used variously to express fatherly surprise, anger, pleasure, irritation etc.  –noun web log used to publish such exclamations

Word origin: euphemism originally coined by early 21st century stay-at-home father (“Dad”, male, b. 1978) of three (“Bear“, female, b. Feb 2008, “Bean“, female, b. Jun 2009, and “Bunny”, female, b. Jul 2012). Dad found that his days at home with Bear, Bean and Bunny were filled with nothing but surprise, anger, pleasure, irritation, etc., and that no word in the English language and no medium allowed him to adequately express such feelings. Hence, the birth of dadbloggit the word and the blog.

2 Responses to Dad what?

  1. Judi says:

    Absolutely the cutest blog ever. Maybe “cutest” isn’t what the writer’s going for, but dadbloggit, it’s darn cute!

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