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I’m back?

So I’m finding that once you’ve blogged for a while, and then you suddenly stop for a while, it is really hard to get back into it. There were definitely some time-sucking activities that prompted the halting in the first … Continue reading

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Bedroom or Padded Cell?

It occurred to me recently that we’re treating our children like self-injurious mental patients. Now now, hear me out on this one. The girls sleep in the same upstairs bedroom. Let me describe to you the physical characteristics of this room: … Continue reading

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Toddlerus unfamiliarus

A week has passed since two bedrooms became one. It has proven to be quite difficult to acclimatize the Toddlerus unfamiliarus species to its new sleeping habitat. Let’s take a look at the field work thus far. For someone like me, a … Continue reading

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Two Bedrooms Become One

Up until now, the girls have each slept in their own upstairs bedroom, and we have slept right outside both rooms in the family room. This arrangement has made a lot of sense. We’ve had easy access to each girl. … Continue reading

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