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Toddler Vigilante Justice

We’ve just become members of the local YMCA. Again. I think this is the third time in a year and a half’s time. Once again smitten by the siren song of the beautifully remodelled Blaisdell facility (if I, one of its designers, may … Continue reading

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Dadbloggit, Another Birthday Already?!

The evolution over time of one’s attitude toward one’s own birthday is an interesting thing to look at. As a young child, you absolutely cannot wait for this day to come. You count down the months, weeks, days. A week away … Continue reading

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Obituary: The Death of Naptime

Running this right now might be a bit premature, but all signs are pointing this direction. Two or three days without naps last week. No nap again today. We’re losing it. We’re losing naptime. Look at that – I’ve just moved beyond … Continue reading

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Dadblockit Blockbuster: Hollywood Squares

I love playing with my kids’ set of wooden blocks. There I said it. Perhaps you’ve already concluded as much from reading previous posts, like this one. Is it a crime for an adult to enjoy playing with kids’ toys? No, it is not. … Continue reading

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Bear, Version 3.0

Google is reminding me that it is Thomas Edison’s 164th birthday today. However, I am choosing to observe the birthday of someone else today, someone a bit younger and better-looking. That’s right, my little Bear turns three today! Why focus … Continue reading

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Worst… Kids’ Book… Ever

I hate The Easter Egg Express. It is a really, really terrible children’s book for so many reasons. First off, it is a holiday book. This means that, as adults, we only really feel like reading the book to our … Continue reading

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The Odd Trio

 The Odd Couple ain’t got nothin’ on us. I mean seriously, they’re considered odd just because one roommate is messy and the other one is a neat freak? Welcome to 90% of all roommate situations, including marriages, across the world (sorry Oscar, I … Continue reading

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The Great Laziness

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon. I mean truly lazy. With little kids around, true laziness is a difficult thing to come by. But it found us, and what a magnificent thing it was. Or seemed to be. As we … Continue reading

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In the Waiting Room…

I’m not sure why I thought bringing two kids under three to the Social Security office would be a good idea. But what’s done is done. We definitely needed to go. Bear has been on American soil for nearly two … Continue reading

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Bean vs. Boots: Round 2

You may recall from a previous post of mine that I’ve had some trouble getting the kids out into the winter wonderland. Specifically, Bean hates wearing boots, therefore none of us can go outside and play. I was not willing to accept the … Continue reading

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